Monday, April 22, 2013

well that went well

and I kinda disappeared from the blogger world, didn't I. it makes me sad I was really liking the a-z challenge and having a lot of fun writing it. well good news is I will still be writing it. So Hopefully you all will like to see how it ends. but as of now it will not be the only thing on my blog. My desire is to get back to posting five days a week. Starting with this little announcement:

I'm Pregnant

Yes that is why I've been a little out of the loop lately.  I've been tired, grumpy, nauseous, and well sometime annoyed. this week my baby made the level up from a pea to a blueberry. he or she is due December 4th...ish, cause yeah figuring that out is not an exact science. And the baby code name is baby Mog.

I'll keep you some what updated, or let you in on some of my confessions about being pregnant.  But that is all I have to talk about today. till next time God speed and open roads. 

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