Tuesday, April 09, 2013

G is for Spinning Gold

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Lilli was gazing out towards the bell tower. what if the task from the queen was undoable? the tower was so ver high and yes she may always have enough wool to make into yarn but it would take so long. what if she was an old maid when she finished, what if she couldn't climb out of her prison. 

A noise made her turn her head. A cripple was at her spinning wheel. He slouched as he tapped the throttle, the wool flowed smoothly from his fingers. Lilli covered her mouth catching the sob that rose in her throat when she saw him. 

"Spin spin spin," he mumbled  "Must spin the golden net, the only way the only way." his voice was cracked with sorrow and madness. "Spin gold spin spin spin." 

"Papa?" she managed to say. she had not seen him sense he had left to find a way to break the curse on her mother. She had heard, but the sight of him broke her heart. "papa." she knelt beside him. 

"wool becomes gold, spin spin spin, can't stop, the only way." 

she put her hand on his, "Papa please."

"No no no," He said, "can't stop, only way, wool will absorbe it, make her live again." 

Lilli closed her eyes, The queen had given him a task too. what mockery, to spin wool into gold. it was said of the small kingdom of tres that hey could spin straw into gold. Yarn, lace and knitted garments where the main export. The fibers harvested there was finer then any other. Queen Invida had turned her mother to a golden statue, and her father was driven mad trying to break the curse. "Please papa stop. How did you get here?"

He ignored her, and continued to spin mumbling to himself. 

Lilli shook her head, desperate to find a way to unlock her father's mind, to free him of his madness, but there was nothing. but the song danced in her  mind. the song her mother sang. without really thinking much of it she started to sing. "Mother spin your circle red weave a web of glowing thread, Earth air fire and water, bind us as one." 

The words touched her father, and somewhere in his mind the king was woken. he looked at her really seeing her, "Lilli?" 

Lilli jumped into her father's arms as she had as a child. "Papa!" 

They wept together, one spell broken, and two left to break. 

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