Thursday, April 04, 2013

C is for Cinders

(Demitria is awesome to have caught the Rumpelstiltskin themes in yesterday's story, however no one got the who yesterday's princes is. today's is really easy thought. enjoy and God Speed.)

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Cindy blew on the coals, cinder-soot flew back up in her face,  as she survived. she had never know such cold before. These small cinders were the only source of heat in the dungeon. Tears fell as she tried in vain to warm her fingers.

This was worse then before. Before she had slept in the small cupboard under the stairs. sure it had been cramped, yes she had had only little mice for company and was showered with dust each time someone walked down the stairs but the cupboard was next to the kitchen with was always warm.
The queen was the cause of this. all her new misery.only months ago she had met Charles the only son of the king of Primus. they had fallen in love. and when they learned about the queen's evil plan to take over the five kingdoms She and Charles had joined his sisters, Gwen and Rosy, to fight against her. Now Charles he must think she had abandoned him.

And what was worse was that her step mother had agreed to ally with Queen Invida. Cindy was still in the beautiful dress that had once belonged to her own mother. it was tattered now, smudged with soot and dirt. Her hair which had been in beautiful trestles was now tangled and greasy.
The door opened Cindy raced towards the light, but once again she had forgotten the magic chain that weighed next to nothing yet pulled her foot out from under her. She cried out as the chain bit into her ankle and she fell.

"Silly pathetic cinder girl," said her step mother as she placed a covered plate on the small table. "Enjoy your dinner." She walked out. The chain went limp and Cindy could once again move freely about the room. Under the covered plate Was something soft and feathery. there was also what felt like a candle.
Excited to have her own light she rushed back tot he smoldering coals and lit it. in he dim candle light Cindy shrieked. She ran back to the little table putting the candle down she took the little white dove in her arms, "No no no no!" she sobbed.

It was the White Dove that Cindy had first seen in the tree which sheltered her mother's grave. It was there every time, from the time when she was small and her father took her their almost every week. She knew it ha to be a magical dove.

No one else thought it could be the same bird over the course of the years, but she knew it was. Just as she new that the little, cold, and stiff bird cradled in her arms was the same dove. It had been this dove that on the night of the ball almost a year ago led her to the secret chamber where her mother's cloths were safely hidden from her step mother and sisters.

Cindy cried her self to sleep in the dim cinder light that night.
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