Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NaNoWriMo: two days

Two days to go, 43,500 words written and I reached the end of what I had plotted out. the novel which as expected didn't stick with the original outline Has reached the end of the story, the sun rises on a new morning of a new day the bad guy is beat, my characters have reconciled, some people are dead some people are alive but really it is the start of something new. now if this wasn't nano I would say that it is time o go through and get rid of the squiggly lines, fix any obvious grammatical errors that i can find (which I'll admit aren't many) and they read for continuity and to see what still needs filling out. But that falls under what I call editing, and in nano there is no editing. So last night i spent some time thinking about what things I could add. See I have a tendency that when I think of something technically, like I need to find a different name to call the towns in general in a curtain part of the world, I make a note of it at the end of the document so I have it when I go to edit. but last night I made a list of things that i could do that were probably needed that I could probably add some stuff to. Of course the big think that might help is that because this is a fantasy and well lets face it how much of the technical stuff do you want to read in the story so I might just add some appendices, that should take care of my word count.

any way that is all I have to say on that topic to day now to get ready for work and find out how many hour's i'll get today. (really my last check was so pathetic 6 hours, not even $50 grrr)

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