Friday, November 04, 2011

Plot VIII: Character VS Machine

Oo oo, I love this one!. this one is scary, this one is real. okay any of the plots can be real but this one, it is at the heart of movies like I Robot, Terminator, Space Odessy, and the Matrix. Machines are stronger then we are. we may have created them but what happens if some day someone creates the super computer which some how either becomes sentient or because of its cold logic realizes that the human race is self destructive and can not act in its best interest. Or R.U.R could happen, which was a lot like what happened in the matrix although in R.U.R the Robots took over because humans had become lazy using the robot slaves to do everything.

But then even if the Machines don't some how make the super computer that needs to make the human race logical or domesticated. there is always the fact that machines are built to do tasks better then humans. more efficient. A single machine can make jobs obsolete, then people are out of work. That is the whole idea behind the story of Paul Bunyan. here Paul is having a good old time working with the loggers who then meet their match in a machine who can chop more wood. its the story behind John Henry, only difference is that john Henry wins his match against the steam powered machine that is drilling holes through mountainsides for the train to go through. interesting how the white man loses against the machine but the Black man wins? Just a random thought

but you know what is really scary about this plot, we use machines ever day. they make our lives easier, they do all kinds of tasks for us, what if they suddenly turned on us? that is what happened in Space Odessy. the computer that did everything for them, that they took for granted that would always do what it was supposed to turned on them and killed everyone in the space ship. again this is scary stuff.

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