Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Random thoughts on the publishing world

Today is normally the day I would talk about what is on my art desk. guess what I have not drawn a single sketch all month. it sucks but that is my problem. I have had other things on my mind. like getting my Cinderella socks done, and well writing. it is November after all. so much of my time the last month has gone into that. and that has been going very good. yesterday was the first day when  i didn't write hardly anything, but I had a bad day yesterday, the kind of day where you think I just want to hid under a blanket till this is all over, type of day.

any way today is a new day, and I have decided that it will be a good day, even if i don't get to go to work today. there is plenty of reasons this day will be far better then yesterday. -anyway enough discussion on my life, on to the subject of the blog.

I've been thinking a lot about the publishing world. I want to be a writer someday and Sometimes the publishing world looks full of possibilities, and other times it looks like a dark and scary place. Let's face it anyone can publish these days, with amazon leading the way in e-books the prices of such things are setting the bar very low. the audience wants their entertainment for free or very little. not going to lie I've listened to several free audio books through pod casts. books that I wouldn't have read other wise. and I've read a couple of books on blogs that I wouldn't have read other wise. then there is also the problem where everyone who participates in NaNoWriMo thinks they have something worth publishing and when a publisher wont take it they publish it on the web. yes that is a generalization but there are those who do it, what would be an editor's Slush Pile is now cluttering up space in the world of electronic publishing. The thing about the publishing companies is that they had quality control.

This makes wanting to break out as a writer daunting. but I have had some thoughts on something else, Serialized Novels.  Many Classic books were written this way. it is how comics were written and still are. in fact  the internet has made it easier for comic artists and writers to break out because they have the ability to get their product out to their reader group. and that is awesome, why can't writers (novelists in particular) do the same? I know some people do this through their blogs, but why can't the media of the internet and e-publishing betaken advantage of to make the writing more accessible and make a little cash on the side?
By the way Current nano  word count: 12175

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