Friday, November 18, 2011

Plot IX Character vs Circumstance

So this plot took me some time to find movies and books that have this plot. Not because it is not a very good or popular plot, it is just a little different. I suppose that is the way to do it. actually when you really start to think about it. Sometimes it is a back ground to the story that is being told, or the story that is being told would not be told if the circumstances had been any different. The story is about a person who for what ever reason they can not do what they want. the society says you can't do that. now if the character says well I guess that is the way it is and goes home, then there is not story, but if the character says no I'm going to do this, I worked to do this and I am going to do this. See this story is based around the idea that something isn't fair.

Really there are many movies about this, they generally take place in a time that we know was a time when it was hard to be a person. Now sometimes that is a black person during the civil rights movement or before the civil rights movement. movies like Remember The Titans, or Ernest Green Story.

The school is dealing I with having to be both black and white students. Their world is all turned up side down, especially if they have to play for a black coach.

Danzel Washington's character is a black coach coaching a team that has been all white for years, he has to get his team to work together despite the fact that they are predisposed to hate each other.

Now if when the rock got thrown into his window he had decided to say you know this is they way it is and moved his family away where they would be safe then there isn't a story. If the former coach had decided to not stand up against the ref who was calling the game so the Titans would lose then there wouldn't have been a story. but Coach Yoast says not that's not fair, "you call this game fair!"

The Ernest Green Story is about a black young man and 8 others who want to go to school. they are the only 11 black students in the school in 1957. it is the story of the Little Rock Nine. these nine students go to school and they are picked on and treated horribly and eight of them say no this is not fair we want an education they want to go to school.

one of them Minnijean Brown didn't make it. now she was treated horribly and was given a chance at a different school. but the other 8 stood firm were and they made it. here she says it is not worth it, this is the south in 1957 it's just the way it is. and she transfers to a school in New York. (this movie was one of my favorite moves growing up I have the greatest respect for all 9 of these students. I am talking about this story from a plot point of view.)

But the other 8 said, no this isn't fair, and we are going to do this.

Now lets move to a different era. In the 1930s it was hard for everyone, Seabiscuit is a great because that horse embodied the struggles of the working class of the 1930s. and the movie does a great job of taking us through the thirties by use of pictures from the era. here is a horse that is wrong, a jockey who is too big, and men who are all at the end of their rope. so what do they do when people tell them that they can't possibly be considered part of the horse racing world.

they spit in the eye of convention and do it. "it's not fair you can't keep us out just because we don't meet you Qualifications."

Of course that is the whole point of this plot. first the character has the ability to do something, and the desire to do it. but something in the way the world works says no for some arbitrary reason desired by Polite Society.

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