Monday, November 14, 2011

Simple Women's Daybook 19

For Today: July 19, 2011 For more day books
Outside my window... School bus just went by. the trees are black against a light blue over cast sky. 

I am chilly. 

I am thankful...For friends New and Old.

In the kitchen... a mess that has to be cleaned. Seriously I  have science projects growing in my fridge.

I am wearing... My purple Eeyore pj's that says moody sense .1966.

I am creating... Knitting: i am almost done with a pair of mittens for Hannah's first birthday present- Greg's idea. I re cast on my cowl, but i think the differences between a size 6 needle and a size 7 needle is bigger then i originally thought. it looks really big. Drawing: none, writing: Nanowrimo word count is at 20915 So I am 700 words behind. I'm not really that worried but hey it's all good. I should be able to catch up by the end of the week. 

I am going...To Work, Then I have several errands to run. 

I am wondering... about knitting for some reason I have been inspired to start designing knit wear, to sell, and to try and make it part of a living. it is a thought i have had for a while now, but I am not sure what to do with it , if it is just a passing fancy or something that could actually work.

I am reading...The Fools Errand By Robin Hobbs, The Silmarillian By Tolkien, The Allpro By Scott Sigler, Shape Shifters by, S. Lawrence Parrish. 

I am hoping... Still trying to get thank yous in the mail, that is just a continuing problem. I have gotten most of them written i just need to take the time to put my address on them and put them in the mail. and thatwork thing with work it's self out.

I am looking forward to...Hanging out with friends. 

I am hearing... The Daily Audio bible, Hebrew's 8

One of my favorite things... watching children grow. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Ballet, bible study, hanging out at the Jones' and having people over on Friday.

Link I feel like sharing:  I haven't shared a picture in a while but here is a link i found that I'd like to share. Standard action is an independent series about a group of adventurers. the acting is good the set is amazing and really considering this is independent production and pretty much a bunch of friends getting together it is really good. 

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SavedbyGrace said...

love the book of Hebrews! Right now i'm studying 1 John but I think Hebrews will be next for me!