Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out of the Notebook 4 (Nanowrimo)

Well it is November, so I have been writing a lot. not as much as I should write probably but more then normal. besides I don't get to go to work today so I will probably do a couple hour write-a-thon, maybe this afternoon. watch facebook for updates.

So as normal for November I push aside all of my different projects to focus on one. This year I have chosen a western style fantasy, oh I just thought of something I need to see if I can add to the story, Mexican Stand Off, I don't have one of those yet. hmmm.... could be fun.

any way it is going pretty well, better then last year or the year before. I am at 20915, but I need to be at 25000 by the end of today. I have added a new character and maybe if things get bad i'll watch some of my favorite westerns to get some ideas.

this is what my work board looks like. it always has what ever project I am currently working on. the yellow cards are character cards, the purple cards are act one, the red are act two and the green are act three. each piece of paper is the original scene list that I Mapped out in the planning period back in October. these will be updated when I give each scene a card in my editing phase. up in the corner is a sketch i did of one of my main characters. and of course my two inspirational things that are always on my work board: the holy ghost, and the novelty key card made for the special conference we hosted at the Best western Ramkota inn, in Bismark, they had Casablanca as their theme. on the card is Humphrey Bogart saying, "Here's looking at you kid."

so that is my writing up date this month, however be on the look out for more nano updates.

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