Tuesday, September 04, 2012

On the Needles

It's been a while sense I talked about my knitting, you would think that would mean that I would have all kinds of things to talk about, but I don't. Or at least I don't think I have that much to talk about. any way here we go:

It is just fun to throw all my knitting in a pile and take pictures of them all jumbled together. they look so cool this way. 

 First project to talk about today is the Velvet Morning. This is such a fun project I love it. The hard thing is that when I am working on it it looks like the colors get muddy and the design doesn't show up. but in this picture it all looks so good. very soon this project will be graduating from TV knitting to Social knitting, then when I start on the sleeves I will once again only be working on it when Greg is playing his games.

 Next is the hat that I am making as a give away for that Blog fest I did last month. I feel bad that I haven't gotten it done yet. I hope Shell forgives me for taking so long to get it to her. but it has been so frustrating. First I thought i had enough yarn for the hat, which would have been great because I could get rid of the little bits of yarn that had been languishing in my stash. So I could make something to give away and do some stash busting. well the Knitmoregirls will be pleased to know that I ended doing some Stash Grooming because I ran out of yarn and Bought what I thought was the right yarn only to find out that it was the wrong yarn but I liked the color so instead of returning the yarn I went and bought some more. and because I realized that the store did not have the colors I needed I found a third color. Now I must ask will it still be considered a Rebecca Hat or does adding a third color make it s new pattern?

 This is just fun, that is the sock yarn that I am currently working on. it just all looks fun in my yarn cup. I need to get over the second sock syndrome and Cast on the socks so I can finish up the beginning of my Christmas presents.

Speaking of Socks. I'd like you to meet my BIG SOCK!

This sock came about as I was trying to understand a Sock pattern. this being the end result I have abandoned the pattern. however this single sock gives me a wonderful place to put my finished socks that are either gifts for other people or I haven't gotten the second sock done yet. 

Lastly let me show you the yarn acquisition I have acquired:

It is fuzzy and I think perfect for making Toys. 

Well that is all today, till next time God Speed and Open Roads.


Morgan said...

Gloria, this is beyond cool that you do this... knitting is HARD... but your work is beautiful! I love the pics! How do you find time to do everything?

And thanks for your awesome comment today on my blog... I'M WITH YOU!!!!! ;)

Gloria Sigountos said...

awe, thanks.