Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Sunday Post

I never really know what to post when my blog schedule falls on Sunday. Which is kind of funny because in the world today there is little reason why Sunday should be any different then any other day of the week. I mean there have been traditions that call Sunday a holy day, who refuse to let anyone do anything that might be misunderstood as work, or play. I was once chastised for listening to music that was not 'church' music. (It was DC Talk and Audio Adrenalin. Yes that dates me.) for some reason some activities that are perfectly fine any other day suddenly become sinful. Most of my life I have wondered why. It would seem to me that if  something is a sin it is always a sin, not just sinful on a particular day.

Now some of this comes from the Puritan understanding of what holiness is, and some of it comes out of the Jewish roots of Christianity. See when Christianity started most of the adherence were Jewish. They went to the Synagogue on Friday and then met with their fellow Christians on Sunday. Why Sunday? because that was the day Jesus rose from the grave. as the church got more and more distinct from Judaism and more and more gentiles became christens they stopped recognizing the Sabbath and instead only recognized their own weekly holy day.

Side note: The Sabbath refers to the Jewish holy day which is Saturday not Sunday. Some times people use Sabbath language to talk about the Christian observance on Sunday but it is incorrect to call Sunday the Sabbath. 

This means that the Sunday worship of the Christians is different then the Saturday observance of the Jews. the Sabbath was a day set aside to rest just as God rested on the seventh day of creation. You can check out the Sabbath laws in the old testament for what was and was not permitted. also the rabbis have created volumes of commentary about what the Sabbath laws are about.

But the Sunday worship is different, it was created so that ever week the Christian church was reminded of the Resurrection of Christ. Every Sunday is a mini feast day to celebrate what God has done. some of the early fathers went so far as to say that anathema to those who fast on Sundays, that it is wrong to kneel or be penitent on Sunday because Sunday is the day to celibate what God has done, in his completed work of salvation.

So that is interesting, something to think about it you know that is your tradition. it makes Sunday special sure, but not the kind of special that I was some what raised with. it doesn't get me closer to what i think i should talk about on Sunday but it is interesting. I should add that early christian and historical church traditions such as Roman, Eastern, Celtic, Lutheran, Anglican had days every week which were fast days. So they fasted on days not Sunday. maybe because the 'modern' church doesn't really fast is the reason why Sunday has the concepts attached to it.

What does this mean for my Sunday Blog posts? I don't know. Maybe I'll just keep thinking about it till I have an answer.

Any way till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

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