Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adventures of being Unemployed

(If you are visiting thought Jessa Russo's Ghostly Blog hop my short story entry can be found here: Recalled to life. )

Happy Hobbit day get your hobbit shirt, read some Tolkien and have a tasty and hobbit like for dinner(s).  Check out this hobbit inspired dinner. skip the mushrooms and I am all over that!

Okay so this weeks adventures are full of dangerous and mysterious places, depression and how to balance self promotion.

Since last time I went to two strange new places one was the art room at Lexington Christian Academy, the other was Winstar Farms. In the last 14 days I have had two days where I worked. That is more then the last time we chatted.

At Lexington Christian Academy I had my first sub job. it was pretty crazy having my phone go off at 6 am to find out that they needed ME to teach a class so the Art Teacher could go home and sleep off the cold she had. It was fun. and easy. She had the whole morning to as her prep time. So I knitted till the students came in. They're good kids. a little loud and one or two are very needy. But I got paid 70 bucks for it! I can handle this sub gig no problem. except I would like to get called again...

Then it was off to Winstar Farms. My first temp job. and was that ever easy. I fielded calls all day. out on my first horse farm. I'd never been in a Kentucky Horse farm before. Sadly no I didn't get to see the horses. But I did have to drive out to Versailles which was just a beautiful country drive. I just happened to get lost on my way home. These roads are so confusing. 

Oh and that was the night we had dnd at our house so it was a little crazy trying to get home in time to clean my kitchen so Lisa could make her amazing Pad Thai and Sesame Chicken. oh it was so tasty!!!! Following the wonderfulness of Dinner was followed by one of the creepiest places i have been in a dnd world. A one sentience description: Sleeper-walkers drowning themselves!

while that was an exciting week, I think the toll of being unemployed has started to get to me. I've been rather depressed and had more then one question about whether or not I am capable of doing what it is I want to do and be. This is a very interesting place to have my head as I begin to publish my short fiction. the first part of the fist story can be found here: New Beginnings. Now I have to find some shred of confidence, when I'm not feeling very confident about anything so I can Self Promote the thing.

well that got sad, we can't end on a sad note so to hopefully make you smile I present you with-
Courtesy of Emergency Cute Stuff. you can follow them on twitter: @EmergancyPuppy

Till Next time God Speed and Open Roads

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