Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Writing Update

(sorry I missed Monday's post, but I went to my first sub-job and well I ran out of time to do a blog post.)

The Map so Far
Mostly today is an announcement. One of my ultimate goals in life (you know beside some day being on the Muppet show and singing a duet with Sweetums.) is to be a full time writer. Since I am unemployed I figure now is a as good a time as any to try and get started on that. starting next week on blog post off days I will be posting  300 to 1,000 words of a short story. Some of these short stories will take only one day, others will take more. Once the story has been published here Then I will be self publishing groups of the stories as an anthology. I don't know how this will work out but I'm going to try it. Each story is going to have an Author's note at the end as well as be Illustrated, and each (save the first) will have a knitted garment of some kind to go with it. The Garment and some of the Illustrations will be put in a give away after the story is published here.
Trail Swatch for first story
I'm kind of just going to try this. So here is a little about the stories I will be posting. All of the following stories will take place in the same generic fantasy world. These are a way for me to just do something while I work on becoming a better writer.

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