Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Recalled to Life: Author's note

If you are visiting from Jessa's Blog fest you can find my story here: Restored to Live

Recalled to life was inspired by the third chapter of A Tale of Two Cities, which is one of my favorite Dicken's novels. Mr. Lowery is off to France to pick up a friend of his who has been believed dead for 18 years, his mission is called only 'recalled to life.' in the third chapter which is Mr. Lowery's trip to Dover his mind wanders and makes him think that he is seeing his friend's specter. the questions and answers where always haunting to me, maybe it was the way they were read, but there was something beautiful and other worldly about them. when asked to do a ghost story for Jessa's blog fest this scene came to my mind. Probably because I had just read it.

Fun side note, Astrid and Nuriel are my DND Character's parents. This story is not cannon for the game but it is how I in vision their history.

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