Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On the Needles 6

First if you are visiting from Jessa Russo's Blog fest you can find my entry here: Restored to life 

Now to business since last time there has been some new knits some old knits and well maybe I should just show you:

The Rebecca Hat is knitted all I have to do is hide all the nasty little ends because this was a stash bust project that ended with me buying more yarn to finish it. But I should have it in the mail very soon to the winner of my Raffle back during the Buccaneer Blog fest.

This little dandy is part of a project I have been thinking about for awhile now. I love to knit, and I love to write fantasy. in light of my current unemployment I thought why not find a way to bring the two together? This will hopefully become the cowl in the upcoming Novella I will be publishing here, I believe the first post of it will be Friday.

I cast on a new Sock! I am a little worried because I don't currently have enough yarn to make both socks. However after talking with the ladies at Knit Night (hosted by A Tangled Yarn) I think I should be able to find more. Crossing my fingers. This Sock will become the Black Rose Sock by Suzi Anvin

Lastly I got over my Second Sock Syndrome to cast on the second of these socks. I actually got to work on it quite a bit during my sub job and temp job. it was fun at the sub job to have the kids ask what I was doing and be surprised to hear I was making it as a Christmas Present for my sister, and it was fun to have people at my temp job be amazed at what I was making. Knitting is fun ya know? I mean non knitters will be amazed at how you monipulate yarn on any number of needles into a garment to which they have no explanation for except that it must be magic.

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