Saturday, September 08, 2012

Adventures of Being Unemployed.

Well another two weeks have passed since I quit my job. While there have not been as many crazy things happen (such as suddenly having three kittens) there has been adventure.

The saga of the Dryer continues: So when the Plumber moved the dryer back to it's place he did something to it. it now makes a horrible grinding noise. So while we wait to get that fixed we have to use a cloths line. this is great int he fact that in the long run (at least till the weather changes) it will save us some money. it is not so great in the fact that yesterday it took all day for the cloths to dry. I did one loud of laundry yesterday, and because I was unsure of what the weather was going to do today I didn't do any today. *shrug*

On the subject of laundry and saving money I have decided that since I have nothing better to do with my time I would make my very own laundry detergent. It felt weird making it. I mean it was easy- a little time consuming but really easy. but it was kind of weird. first here is a link to the website I used to make the laundry detergent. (I'm also thinking of making my own Fabric softener.)

  1. I hate hipsters, and some how homemade Laundry detergent feels hipster to me. luckily I have a couple of friends who make the stuff too and they are not hipsters so I'm okay on that front.
  2. I read the little house books like crazy when I was little, I am even in the process of re reading them. So making laundry soap felt like connecting back to pioneer days (which was one of my first history obsessions I love the stories of the american pioneer.) 
  3. When I was 12 we were building our house. we moved out of our trailer and lived in two campers with a tarp over the area between the two and several tents. So maybe I got a little nostalgic. 

Other adventures this week had to do with going to a baby shower at my favorite bar Charley Brown's. (yes we are those kind of people.) It was fun laid back and nice to just hang out with the girls over...3 glasses of Sangria, two shots of American Honey, and okay yes I also had a rum and coke. Stop judging me it's not like I'm pregnant or anything I can have hard liquor if I want.

Oh and I have to tell you about taking the last kitten to her new home. She was so freaked about being in the car the only thing that would calm her down was to sing to her, and you know what she wanted me to sing to her? (it was the song that made her the calmest) The Magnificat! I sang what I knew of the Magnificat over and over again the whole drive. crazy cat! Now all the kittens have good homes.
Other then that I will be getting my car back finally! it has been at he mechanic for two weeks! I can't begin to tell you how crazy it has been to not have a car. Actually not crazy at all.

well that is all, till next time God speed and open roads

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