Monday, October 08, 2012

Adventures of being Unemployed 4

I ran out of time this week so I was unable to get saturday's post done. So today will be saturday's post and we will skip Monday's post. 

1. Substitute Teaching-So I had one crazy week, and one very very slow week. I taught 4th grade, Art, 6th grade, and 8th grade bible. for the most part all the classes were very good. the 4th grade class got out of control quickly. here is the weird thing, and cool thing. was the teacher actually made her students write me an apology for how they behaved. Isn't that kinda cool?
Then for 8th grade Bible. I had a sub fail. I was supposed to give them instructions and answers for some of the questions on the worksheet they had. I realized my error halfway through the day opps. hopefully the teach forgave me.

2. MichaelMas! I love The feast of Saint Michael and the Angles. It is just a fun day and the feast is fun, not as fun as the Feast of Saint Nicholas. But it is a good day.

3. A new Job? That is right. I have a new job. Which means most likely I will not be posting in this topic anymore. I am now a Personal Assistant to an independently wealthy lady. She pays me to do things that she   doesn't want to do. You know like making phone calls, scheduling her appointments, running errands for her, driving her places that kind of thing. So far it looks like it is going to be a great fit.

So that is it. I don't know what Saturday posts are going to be, that I am no longer part of the unemployed so I guess it is time for a new set of adventures.

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