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New Beginnings The Adventurers Part 1

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 Her assailant jumped her. They tumbled to the ground and her dagger flew from her hand,landing several feet away. He was on top of her with a knife at her neck. “Come on" He said, "sing!"

"The war was bleak and hopeless thought
The cries of crows were for food they sought
The mud and mire mixed with gore
O're fields of death for which they fought

Her voice was shaky, and she wasn't sure where the words or song came from. It was the song of the Battle of the Well. It was the last battle of the Elven Wars. The man was still over her.

In the midst clashing swords on shield
Tamitis saw across the field
The Elven King disarmed dismayed
Without a hope did move to yield

Tamitis gained a straight unknown
And in him the seed of bravery sown
Honor-bound to the king he ran
To save the world from heart-felt moan

Upon the field a forgotten sword lay
Broken from the hand of Fey
In him it found a partner in deed
And with one stroke the foe they slay

before the crowds was honor given
To him beyond all strife had striven
And with his words to the sword he bound
His life and sons to restore what was riven

The dagger was suddenly in her hand. Novalee lost no time plunging it in the man's heart. It only took a moment for him to die, and his dead body pinned her done.
It was some time before she heard, "Are you still here, little one?"
"Yes,” she said, recognizing the Minotaur's voice, “but I can't get up."
The large minotaur pulled the dead human off of Novalee, then helped her out from behind the booth. She dusted herself off only to find, to her disappointment, that the man's blood had soaked her dress. It was the only one she had.
Five people still stood besides herself; The dark elf, the tree women, the sorcerer elf, the minotaur and a fire-man. Novalee looked them over, then asked, "What happened?"
"Well you see." started the Fire man, but he didn't get a chance to finish. At that moment the city watch came riding up and surrounded them.
"What happened here?" asked the Captain.
No one said anything at first, then the dark elf whispered, "Let me handle this." She turned her attention to the watch, "Do you see all these people?" she asked rhetorically, and waved her hand generally to all the dead in the street. "These people were enticed to riot, and had we--" she paused and now pointed to herself more then the others, "--not stopped them they would have marched on the palace with pitchforks and butcher knives to slay the Primas Airthas and His royal family. They also planed to take the Speta Farthous to the populo minor, where they planned to force him to rule as they saw fit."
The captain of the watch didn't speak right away. He surveyed the now dead crowed then looked at the group before him.
Novalee still held her dagger. Suddenly she felt harp strings under her fingertips. She looked down; there was nothing there, but she felt them. She plucked at an invisible string. The sound of a perfect clear note came to her, yet no one else seemed to notice the sound. Maybe she was the only one who heard it. She plucked another. She knew she could hear it and wondered what it meant that no one noticed.
Then she got an idea. She plucked the notes as she said, "We understand that you may find it difficult to believe the word of a dark elf, but she speaks the truth. It's not in anyone's best interest that Central drown itself in civil war. With the state of the city as it currently is, unrest is at times bound to boil over, and now thanks in a small part to our intervention rioters will think twice about devolving into violence again."As she spoke she plucked the strings that she could not see. The notes in her head harmonized with her inflections perfectly.
The Captain made the gesture of gratitude. "In that case the city owes you a debt." he thought a moment then offered, "You are clearly very powerful. I don't suppose you are licensed adventurers?" Novalee smiled. She had read about bards who had this ability.
"No," said the dark elf.
"Very well then, I will have the paperwork filled out and sent to you. Along with a monetary thank you. Will that be sufficient?"
"I think that will be very significant." said the Sorcerer, beaming from ear to ear.
"Very well, where can you be found?" asked the captain.
"At Theowl's Inn and Tavern," said the minotaur.
"I will send a man to you as soon as possible and tell him to find you there." The captain spun on his heel and marched his men back to the watchtower. 

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