Sunday, October 14, 2012

One Lovely Blogger Award.

Millie of BurnsMillie Nominated me for the Lovely Blogger Award. I like these things they are a nice way to give someone a warm-fuzzy  (I actually had a teacher who believed in warm-fuzzies so much that every student had a little group of warm-fuzzies on their desks to be given away as much as collected. it was kind a cool.) anyway I have been nominated for so few of these that I get excited when I get one.

So here is how it works I list 7 random things about me, then I nominate 15 people.

7 Random things about me: 
1. I spent a summer working for my Dad on a landlocked Oil Rig. I'm very proud of that little tidbit.
2. My husband, who I met in Seminary while getting my masters degree, was my first kiss, first boyfriend, and first and only love.  Don't tell me first love is something that only happens in the YA world. I waited 26 for my first kiss.
3. I grew up in Wyoming and even though I will probably never move back I will always consider myself part of the Wyoming Desperzia. Sorry Kentucky but you will never be my home. (And I will always dislike College spots so take that UK.)
4. I prefer classic literature to modern literature almost 95% of the time. (Unless it is Fantasy, so long as it continues the ancient traditions of Fairy.)
5. I started an alternate identity on the internet so I could have a safe place to vent about things.
6. My Geek Cred Violation is that I have never gotten into Dr. Who. (But I love Red Dwarf does that make up for it?)

and last but not least..........Drumroll please.........

7. I hate peas.

Okay so 15 Bloggers who I think Deserve the One Lovely Blogger Award....
Well my 1St nomination will be Darcy Cole She has fun things to talk about and two really Cute Kids (no I'm not bias because they are my cousins they are cute!)I really wish I could get a hold of a transporter so I could make it to her party this weekend.
2nd Hero London why because she's the first friend that I made where the relationship only exists on the internet. and because sometimes I feel bad for how harsh I was on the first novel she put up on her blog for critic.
3rd My dear friend Stephanie Perry. She doesn't post very much but it is her fault that I am on blogger so guess what Steph now you have to post something (I miss you).
4th Natasha Erskine, her blog is truly beautiful, her posts are where she shares her struggles and healing. -I love you Natasha virtual hug.
5th Liz Stewart, if it wasn't for her blog and the internet this is a college friend that I would have lost track of. she is one of the few people whose blog themes are so well done. (I tried to copy but I don't think it is working very well)
6th The Usual Fool he shares fun stories from his past about his adventures as a stay at home dad and the general craziness of his life. as someone who knows him well enough to be his daughter's Godmother I can verify that he is only slightly (and I mean ever so slightly) exaggerating.
7th this spot must go to the amazingly encouraging Morgan Shamy. Seriously this chicka has encouraged me several times.
8th Sarah Carey She is a ESL teaching in South Korea and is currently sharing her adventures as she lives there. She is a kentucky girl in a Different Kind of South.
9th Jessa Russa Not only has she published her first novel but she is the one to blame for the Story that I've been publishing on my blog. I hope you've been enjoying the rest of the story Jessa.
10th The one the only Matthew Rose another one of my college buddies who I would have lost track of if he hadn't kept blogging. well he kinda got busy being a pastor and a dad but it looks like he has started to blog again. Also at one point he worked really hard to keep all the bethany (or kingswood) bloggers in contact.
11th speaking of Bethany Bloggers Tamber Craig blogs about life, faith, and things that annoy her.
12th Susan DiMickele a faith based blog focused on helping working moms in their personal struggles. I'm not a mom let alone a working mom but I find her musings on life and faith encouraging.
13th the Typelings I don't know when they are going to start blogging but I am just going out on a ledge and predicting that they will make a lovely blog together.

heh. heh. heh. (panting) 2 more to go....

14th Seth Asher a devotional blog which was daily during lent but has slowed down of late.
15th Kyle Harold- yep this is me trying to give him a kick in the pants to write more.

okay that is it for today. come back tomorrow for the final instalment of New Beginnings.


Unknown said...

I'm going to have to run through your nominees when I get a chance! Sounds like some very fine folks!

Morgan said...

What a creative way to highlight people! Loved this, Gloria! And you're a fascinating person---I loved reading more about you. And I married my first kiss! It does happen. :) But no peas??? Really?!?!?! Gah. Must change that, lol ;)

Unknown said...

Psst Morgan it's true but also a movie reference. anyone care to guess?

Amy said...

Ah, sorry it's taken me so long to check this out! Don't feel bad, dear Glo. You help me be a better writer! :) Thanks for the award!!