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New Beginnings: The Adventurers Part 2

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As soon as they were out of earshot, the Sorcerer folded his hands behind his head and said, "Well, I'd say that turned out pretty good."
"Do you think there is anyway he could find out we were lying?" asked Novalee.
"No," said the dark elf. "We are the ones still standing; the truth is only what we make it. There is no one alive who can say otherwise."
The fire-man nodded, "Well I believe it is time for a drink. What do you all think?"
"I never say no to a drink," said Novalee, "besides I am hungry."
"Food will be good," said the Minotaur. "This way." He pointed and started walking.
"Do you think we can get cleaned up at the inn?" asked Novalee, as she skipped to catch up.
"I don't see why not,"The Minotaur said in his low tones
The dark elf sighed. "Very well."
"Oh come on, my lady," said the Sorcerer offering her his arm.
"Don't call me lady." she cut him off, "I have a name.”
there was a pause while everyone waited for her to finish. When the dark elf made no move to say more, the tree woman said, "Well I'm Adelaide, what is your name?"
The dark elf pursed her lips together, then answered, "You can call me Mari."
"Very well Mari," said the Sorcerer, "I'm Ian Falcon-moon." he held out his hand.
She ignored it, "The Cow is getting away, we should hurry if we want to keep up." and she walked on.
"Baquardat," said the Minotaur, "and I am a bull, not a cow. If the little one can keep up then so can you."
The Fire-man came up near Baquardat, "and does the little one have a name?"
Novalee smiled, "Novalee."
"I am Dorian, Now I believe we all are acquainted, let's go to the inn."
"Yes," said Ian, "I believe libations are in order."
At the inn they got rooms, and Novalee bought a new dress so the other one could be washed. When dinner was being served down stairs they were all seated around a table. Ian showed off several magic tricks, while Novalee played the clay ocarina. Mari told a story about how she and her twin sister used to compete against each other by stealing a ring. Adelaide told about how she had escaped a loveless marriage. They laughed at the wench who thought Baquadat had stolen Novalee's food. Several comments where made about the amount of food she ate, and by the third or forth round the group was formed.
The tavern was loud and rambunctious when the Captain's messenger got there, "Here," He said. "The Captain also wanted you to know he expects you to leave the city as soon as possible.
Dorian split the gold. "Well, what do you say? Shall we take our gold and run, or shall we leave tomorrow as a team of adventures."
"Sounds like fun!" said Novalee.
"Why not?" said Ian, raising his glass.
"I'm game," said Baqardat.
"I've got nothing better to do," said Adelaide.
They all looked at Mari, who sat swishing the wine in her goblet. "Oh alright." she said,
“You may yet prove to be useful allies."
"Cheers!" Said Ian and everyone raised their glasses.
Together they had many adventures, and in their own odd way were successful. All their adventures were recorded and collected in the volume entitled The Tales of Novalee the Bard of Hitherland. 

The End 

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