Friday, October 26, 2012

Paints and more

over the last month I've actually had a bit of a breakthrough with my art. Sadly some of it was only for the time. but I hope life will let me do more. I am really tired of not having this one project done. it will be done some day, I just wish some day was today. So here is a collection of what I have done. If you follow me on twitter or facebook I've got nothing new to add to that.

What I have done is if I have a couple hours to set aside to draw I've decided to draw for 30 minutes and then take a fifteen minute break, these are art sprints. they make me feel accomplished and seem to help me get something done.

the second thing I have done is set aside Saturday morning for Painting. as of now I hae just worked with Oils but I may do watercolor and acrylics soon as well.
Oil, landscape saturday morning paints
almost done
the new One I started a few weeks ago
I didn't get to paint last saturday
I've gotten somewhere with the Icon!
makes me happy but there are still So much work to be done
Well that is the art I've gotten done this week. there may be more tomorrow if I can get that last post for behind the scenes on New Beginnings done but that is or another day.

till next time God Speed and Open Roads.

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Chantel said...

Love that sky--and I like the idea of your "art sprints," may have to give that a try! :)