Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday 10/18

This week has been a little crazy so this time around it's probably going to be a little sparse.
1. I'm still thankful for my new job. most the time it is really laid back with only a few times when things get crazy. mostly because there was not a good change over from the last person who worked for her.
2. I'm thankful that NaNoWriMo is coming up. and to all the people who helped me decide what to do for Nano. you guys are great!
3. That it is fall. I love fall it may be my favorite time of year. expecilly now that i live in a place where there is a veriety of trees so there are lots of colors.
Well that is all this time,
till next time God Speed and Open Roads

1 comment:

Ink in the Book said...

I love your list:) It makes me want to go ahead and commit to Nano! Oooo what to do, what to do...?