Tuesday, October 02, 2012

On the Needles 7

It Tuesday and that means it must be time to talk about knitting! I have cast on a few new projects, finished a project, continued with some projects, and gotten excited about a new project that I will be starting hopefully soon.

 I decided to take apart a crazy scarf I made forever ago. It was huge and made with these colors you see to the right. I have decided that this yarn will make an awesome Elephante. I like making toys and this little guy will hopefully be ready by christmas to give to one of the sweet little girls at my church.

 I have gotten a little farther on my Velvet Morning Cardigan. very soon I will start shaping the arm holes and then it will be time to make the sleeves. I love that I am done with the color work but I can wait to do more of it so I am very excited to start working on the sleeves.

I finished the hat!!!!!!! Shell I will be sending it to you as soon as I wash it so you will get a clean great new handmade hat!

I got started on the body of the SkyIsle Cardigan I can't wait till I get this to the point where I join the body to the sleeves and then I get to start working on the color work. Which means I will need to get the corresponding color... hum Maybe I can use a Noro...probably not considering that the yarn I'm using is acrylic. I think Noro is all wool.

A sock! well I can't really afford to buy the yarn I need to finish the other sock so what did I do? I decided to cast on a new sock. not the mate to the sock I have already finished by a whole new sock pattern. Isn't that fun?

Lastly, Knitty had it's new issue come out, I love knitty. In this issue is the Donuts hoodie by Ben Conn. I saw it and thought" that looks like something talon would wear." So I sent my brother a picture and asked him if he would like to have this sweater. he said yes. which makes me very happy because I want to make things for my family but they are so very hard to pick stuff out for. Well Talon will get this sweater for his 26th birthday. 

That is all for today, till next time God Speed and OPen Roads. 

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