Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From the art desk 3

Frustration and Hard work continue at my art desk! It is kind of sad, I decided to create these series of post to help me have some kind of accountability to get more drawing done, well and knitting and writing, but drawing is the one that I put off the most. Some of it is because I am busy, some of it is because i am tired and some of it is just because I am just plain lazy.

any way this month of drawing was concentrated on one small section of the Icon. It is the space above the head of Christ where a group of 10 Angels fly. The book Francis and the San Damiano Cross  Says about this section:

"in the heaven'ts above Christ's head on the San Damiano cross is an assembly of ten gesturing angels who seem to be monitoring, observing, and perhaps attending the happenings on earth below. they seem vigilant, poised, content and encouraging." (Sing 51, 2006)

The Section is difficult. I actually had to separate the figures and work on them in smaller groups before putting them together. And yet I still haven't gotten it all together on the sketch of the whole cross. 

However I was able to get a new sketch going. I got into my fantasy drawing going again. I really hope i am able to work on this more but for now this sketch will have to do. eventually she will be a water and acid soul Genasi swordmage. I'm very happy with how this sketch looks I have great hopes for it and for the others that will hopefully follow.

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