Monday, October 03, 2011

Simple woman's Daybook 14

For Today: July 19, 2011 For more day books
Outside my window... a Purple Dawn

I am thinking...I wantta go back to bed!

I am thankful...For new Life

In the kitchen... Mess

I am wearing... My Favorite Pink sweats, Purple tank and my house coat.

I am creating... Knitting: Dish cloth, Cinderella socks. I hope to get some other projects cast on. Drawing: the icon I hope to add some other projects here.  writing Ashes and Snowflakes and The Rescue.

I am work, and then to get groceries. my week has changed up a little. no my Monday nights are empty.  

I am I will use my afternoon now that I have changed my work schedule around so I only work till 2 today. 

I am reading...Reading The Fools Errand and the Simmarillion , listening to the Starter and Jane Erye. 

I am hoping... To finish thank-yous, we got enough done to have five guys on Saturday, but not quite all of them . this weeks reward: a fresh growler for Greg and a Lambic for me 

I am looking forward to...going to the Jones' on Thursday, having friends over on Friday, and game night at the church on Saturday! it is going to be quite the week!

I am hearing... The Daily Audio bible. and the school buses going through the neighborhood. 

One of my favorite things... Warm blankets.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Ballet, lots of games, Lots of Pizza, and lots of time with friends. 

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