Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pre-Nano 2011-1

Today we have 18 days left before Nanowrimo starts. It is crazy that it is so close, I was still thinking that October had just started, and then I saw a post on facebook from my cousin and realized that holy chap i was going to do massive amounts of pre-work and well opps I haven't hardly started. So that has to get fixed this week.

I have just gone on to the site and it looks like a lot of things are changing at the website, so if you were one of my writing buddies from the past or would like to be my writing buddy this year I am Gloria.Cole. what can I say the first time I logged in I was tired of trying to come up with funny cool online names.

I am very excited about this year. this will be the first year when I am not at school. So no nasty little papers getting in the way of my real writing, no wedding planing to gum up the works. (seriously what was i thinking last year?) No slow internet, and a very limited social calender.

This year I am once again reanimating an idea that I had in the past and did some work on. it is curently called The Alchemist's Daughter. I have two protagonists Wren and Brook. It takes place in a western style fantasy world about 10 years after a massive civil war between the Civilized East, and the Wild Range. Brook despite her young age was a general (of sorts) in the Range army, because she is an Alchemist. It also includes Strange Zombee like creatures, a Ciborg/golem, the power and devistation of a Nucular bomb, and a Philosopher's Stone.

Hope that sounds interesting, and I hope to see you all on those brief moments that I come behind the massive piles of coffee cups, and glaring computer screen.

Are you going to join the fun? if so what are you ideas so far for your novel?

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