Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nano Planning up date

Well to day has been a crazy day for Novel Planning. But I have finished my planning for Nanowrimo. well the most important stuff. I don't have my map made up yet which is sad, I'm writing fantasy which means unless I am Terry Pratchett I need a map. but geography will have to wait. I am really impressed with how much I got done today. I put up three new posts on my nano blog, describing the mysterious races that are in my world. well mostly some of it I am not completely sure of still. But that was fun. I made some fun little cards with character information and my plot points written out on them. then preceded to map out the three acts. and there are a grand total of 47 scenes. that is scenes not chapters, but still that seems like a lot.

any way I hope everyone else's planing is going good. I am just happy that now I get to sit back and relax till tuesday comes. I am all set and ready to go. I have never been this prepared for nano before. I hope this plan works. I am excited about the novel the world and the characters. It promises to be a good year. And the best of luck to everyone else who is going for this crazy endear.

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