Tuesday, October 04, 2011

On the Needles 3

This month, I have gotten a little more knitting done. and I am happy to report that I have more to talk about this month then last month. I don't know how much more but it is more. couple of things, from here on out i will only be posting pictures of the projects when they are done, and I will also talk some about the pattern when the project is finished.

Finished projects: 
I finished My brother's Christmas present! that means that of the 10 Christmas presents I wanted to make this year I have gotten 3 done! okay I know that doesn't sound like much but considering that last year I had planned to make 5 and only got one done, So I have already done better then my 10% success rate of last year. I am now 30% done!  any way one to what you all really want to see: 
This is the watch hat from the Book Knits Men Want by Bruce Weinstein. it can be found under Rule 10 about knitting for men: when in doubt make him something basic. I love this book and I can't wait to knit more out of it. This book is a fun book about Weinstein's experiences working in a knitting shop and watching his many female friends make mistake after Mistake when they knit for them significant others. he also shares in here a very interesting explanation for the sweater rule (if you knit a sweater for a man who is not yet your husband he will break up with you.)  But any way I really recommend this book for anyone who is knitting for the men in their lives. the patterns are simple and set up for any size and can be made with any gauge, type of yarn, or needles. which is one of the things I love of about it. seriously I find cute patterns all the time but because I can't stand knitting with anything smaller then a size 3 needle I can't do it. 

It is a little strange that i am talking about and posting pictures of Christmas presents on line, but I really don't think that any of my immediate family members actually read my blog so I really don't think it is a big deal. 

Oh I also finished a baby hat on Sunday for a baby shower on Sunday. I don't have a picture of that one because well I finished it about 40 minuets before I needed to be out the door and I needed to get the other half of the gift. 

Current projects
well right now I have two projects on the needles. The first is the dish cloth, (I have about 6 of these to make thanks to all the weddings I am connected with) and my very own pair of Cinderella socks. I haven't been to the yarn shop in a wail so I don't have a lot to talk about, I hope to cast something new on today, Maybe a blanket... you know sense mom bought me yarn to make that and i just need to find the right blinket pattern to start working on it. the last one was kind of a drag. 

Future projects
Lets see there are the 5 more Dish cloths i need to get done, most of them require me to go and get more yarn. there are the 7 more Christmas presents (socks for dad, something for Mom, Nikki and Megan, a stuffed animal for Hannah, a doll for Dottie, and bear for Rocken.) two more baby hats, two more cousins have gotten pregnant. I want to make my self some Cleaves, a blanket (mostly to say that I have done one and to get my stash back down) and a sweater. Oh and I want to try and knit a reusable bag.  I think that is all for the month, we will see what all gets done and what doesn't. 

Well that is all this month so as Miss Kalandar would say, "the next time someone makes fun of you for knitting in public just laugh and remember that after the zombie apocalypse you will have a useful tool and they will just be food."

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