Monday, October 17, 2011

Simple Women's Daybook 16

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Outside my window... No Sun rise yet, we are entering the sad part of the year. 

I am thinking..That this is a new week and it is going to be full of Surprises.

I am thankful...For a relaxing weekend

In the kitchen... A mess because i didn't want to do dishes yesterday, or Saturday.

I am wearing...Blue Eeyore pj pants, a gray tank top, my tan knit house coat, all cuddled under the jewel tone blanket given to us by the wonderful ladies at the church of my childhood.

I am creating... Knitting: Blanket, Cinderella socks, I think I need to cast on some more stuff. Drawing; Icon, and some fantasy sketches, I'll talk about what I am writing tomorrow.

I am going...To Work, then a list of Errands to do.  

I am wondering...Still trying to figure out what book to listen to at work. 

I am reading...The Fools Errand By Robin Hobbs, The Silmarillian By Tolkien, The Starter By Scott Sigler, 

I am hoping... To Get thank-yous done this week, 

I am looking forward to...High Mass on Friday, (feast of St. Luke)

I am hearing... The Daily Audio bible, Night bugs, Cars driving by, it is very busy this morning. 

One of my favorite things... being able to take the time to do things that are not important but edifying. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Cleaning the house, High mass, Ballet, and maybe some other stuff. 

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Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

I am sure the High Mass was very beautiful! I am really looking forward to the changes in the Missal this November:)

Your blanket sounds quite nice...and very cozy:)

God bless your week! And, I'm sorry this time of year evokes sadness in your heart :(