Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Out of the Notebook 3

This month my writing world is a good place to be. actually this month has been good for all my artistic endeavors. but of course this is supposed to be about my writing. Because it is October that means it is NaNoPlaMo, or National Novel Planning Month. See November is Nation Novel Writing Month. A month when People all over the country and world think I have always had this idea for a novel, and they go ahead and try their hand at writing. Now Some of these people just want to try it for the sake of trying it, Some people think that by participating in NaNoWriMo they are actually authors and flood editor's slush pile, and then there are people who are like me who use NaNoWriMo to focus their writing and know that the product they have at the end of the month is Draft Zero, not even worthy of First Draft.

Any way more on that project in a minuet, I have many other projects.

1.Ashes and Snowflakes I finished outlining the second act of this book, but I haven't started typing it out yet. this is because of where I have been on other projects, before October 1st I Started working on Act 3. it is very exciting to have this one so close to being done. It wont be done it time to do what i wanted to do with it but maybe next year.

2. The Rescue: This was my Nano project last year. I have been fleshing out act 1 and ran into some problems. So I had to add a couple more scenes for the purpose of character development. I have one more to write, then I can continue with the rest of the scenes already written editing because of the changes that showed up in the new scenes.

3. The King of Sisilia:  this project is my shrug project. what I mean by that is this project is the one that is just purely for fun. It is not about anything more then practice. the notebook this project is in has its home by my bed and when I crawl into be but am not quite ready for sleep I pull it out and play. I find that telling myself stories helps me to get to sleep, which is important when I have trouble falling asleep. I don't know if last time I did an Out of the the Notebook post I talked about how I had written myself into a corner with this book, maybe I did and talked about how I though maybe if I introduced more characters that might help. well I really didn't like the idea of adding more characters because I want this story to be from one point of view. well I found a new way to fix it without putting in new characters. I simply back tracked a little and started again from that point. But it is now going smoothly.

4. NaNo: Well Nano has begun. well at least for me. Let me explain. I am trying something a little different this year. I found a blog post about Nano and he included two things, that if you wanted to succeed at Nano then you should participate in NanoPlaMo (October is National Novel Planing Month) and NaEdYoShiMo (December is Nation Edit Your S** Month) and I am going to do that because I want to be a writer and Use Nanowrimo to help me become a better writer. this year I have started a Nano Blog called Plan Write Edit, I do want it to be a privet blog but I am more then happy to send out invitations to people so they can read it. I will be talking about my planning and my editing as well as my writing, I will probably post excerpts of the novel there. This year I am being back to life a little story that I wrote years ago that I would like to change into a Novel. It is called the Alchemist's Daughter and a bit of an over view is:

it has been 10 years sense the range war, which ended with a single deceive battle, in which a strange explosion occurred that killed most of both armies, left many others devoid of human life (now called twisted) and others forever marked by strange lightning bolt type scares.

Wren is alone in the Range, the home that she new was destroyed and now she wonders alone with a power she can't control.

Brook is never alone, but as an alchemist she is an out cast and must keep her abilities secret.

but when the twisted continue to hunt Wren down, and a village decides to burn brook at the stake their lives come together and they learn that there is a greater threat to the peace of their country, one that only wren can sop, but only if she learns how to control the power of the Philosopher stone Shards embedded in her body.

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