Friday, October 14, 2011

Plot VI: Character vs Self

This plot is somewhat fascinating when done well. When done, not well it is well for lack of a better word, meh.   the conflict in this story is caused by inner rather then outer forces. Basically something goes wrong and the character has to fight against something within him or herself to resolve the conflict. it is Sicological and delves into the heart and soul of what the Angst is.

Now Angst is a bit of a dirty word because it brings up ideas of teenage angst. And there is a place for stories about teenage angst have there place but of course these are generally the examples of how inner conflict is done poorly and more often then not done horribly.

The Night Gallery and the Twilight Zone use this plot a lot. generally whoever the protagonists is placed into a place where they find out that they might or might not be crazy.

But a great example is a western called High Noon which is based on a short story called the Tin Star. this story is about a sheriff who is retiring. Now he has cleaned up the town that he has been sheriff, they can have a church, women and children don't have to be afraid to walk down the streets. He is marrying a Quaker and on their wedding day a telegraph comes in to say that Frank Miller is out of jail. Frank Miller is the quintessential western villain. But the Sheriff's Wife is a Quaker who will have nothing to do with violence.  So when Will (the Sheriff) makes the decision that he is going to do his duty and protect the town that he has protected for years. She tells him she is going to leave. the rest of the movie or book is Will trying to get together a group of people to help him and no one will, and Her being resolved to leave if he decides to turn to violence. something that is cool in the movie is that in the back ground is a song that says "do not forsake me oh my Darlene..." any way he faces the Bandits all by himself because everyone in the town has forsaken him and he is out of bullets Frank Miller is about to kill him and suddenly there is a gun shot and there is the wife. it wasn't just high noon for Will, but also for her.

Just one final thought: Grey cooper is amazing in this movie you should all see it.

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