Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Value Judgments

I have been having a lot of thoughts on value lately. what makes someone valuable, how do we show that we value other people, what gives one person value and takes value away from some one else. I think I might have to write an essay or paper on this some how, I'm just not sure how. what direction to take, how to approach it. 

my thoughts came from a couple of pod casts, one about women and their roles in the original Star Trek, another about writing the other, and a third about Gender roles in fantastic and science fiction. what each of them said was provoking, and started my pondering and musing on this topic. 

it started what makes a person valuable, which lead to what makes them a person? how is a person valued differently by their equation and is that right or Good. how do we show value to people that we disagree with, how do we show value on those who are the other? this then led me to the question of How do we as Christians show value for those who are not Christians? then even farther how do we as as Christians  who are living in this time where the kingdom is breaking into our world yet has not yet come show value for those who are not yet part of the kingdom? How should what is popularly called 'Kingdom Living' effect who we value, and how we show that we value that person?

These are the questions I have, and perhaps i will find a way to unpack them and organize them into a coherent thought process. 

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