Friday, October 14, 2011

Nano up date

Hey all, I just wanted to have a way to let people know, I have started a privet blog for Nano, I will still be posting here but I am going to only post word count updates here. on my Nano Blog depending on how this experience works out will have different information on my planning for Nano, and about my editing of the nano novel. I am hoping that this blog will give me extra incentive to get the novel done rather then giving up half way through. If you would like to follow you will need to leave me a comment here, on Google plus, or on Facebook. If you have Google plus I will be adding a circle specifically for people following my Nano Blog.

Any way that is all for this announcement. hope everyone's nano planing is going well for those who are planning on entering the madness that is nano, everyone who is not, well I hope you are looking forward to mocking those of us who are silly enough to do it.

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